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  • In twenty minutes one of the most mentally and physically exhausting days that I’ve endured in a long time will be over. I can do this, and we can reset for tomorrow, right? right. One can hope.

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  • This is what happens when you volunteer to help a friend with a project about people and their favorite books, and instead you get frustrated (picture four) and then try to find your zen (picture five).

    For those who know me well, have you ever seen a more appropriate Heather picture in your life than number four? ha! 

    *by the way, the top one is being included in her project. exact quote “your eyes are mischievous like the story in that one. good job, Mae”

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  • There are days
    Before I fully wake up
    When I forget
    That you’ve forgotten me

     -  (e.m.d)
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  • It might not be Throwback Thursday, but I love this dear (old) man. Grandpop and I, Christmas 89.

    It might not be Throwback Thursday, but I love this dear (old) man. Grandpop and I, Christmas 89.

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    Anxiety fuckin blows

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  • Remember, we can’t avoid triggers forever. Learning to cope with them is a key part of recovery.

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  • After a mental breakdown, an unscheduled “urgent” appointment, and a lot of tears… there is a good chance that it might be back to me having to be under supervision like it was three years ago. You know. Where I’m not allowed alone for any length of time. It’s pretty sad when you’re twenty seven years old and have to basically be babysat.

    I hate this empty, lonely feeling.

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Joucas, Provence


    Joucas, Provence

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  • Let’s play a fun game called: i never noticed how much I interact with my left ear until there was a tender and painful piercing in it.

    The “owie ouch fuck” count for the night is up to 6.

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{ the lake beyond the pines }


    { the lake beyond the pines }