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  • Fuck it all. My heart is heavy, I don’t know what else to really say.

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  • And then pictures from Odessa while I was on my way to Cantwell’s for dinner with Mary. 

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  • And some more pictures from Dogfish today. :)

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  • I was given the opportunity (via dustinhcoleman) to go on a VIP tour of Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, Delaware. To those unfamiliar with DFH, it is currently the 13th largest Craft Brewery in the United States. It was pretty interesting to see the different equipment used in the brewing process.

    Fun Fact: The treehouse out front of DFH (that I’m in love with and want to go inside of), was bought by DFH for just a dollar, not including the shipping and setup costs of course. 

    Then imagine my delight to see a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote on the side of the building when we were heading to the bottling room. Of course I had to snap a picture. 

    Anyway, part of our tour consisted of being able to do tastings of some of the brews on tap at the brewery and I might have fallen in love with Noble RotApriHop, and Namaste. (Sah’Tea was already something that I already was fond of!). 

    Overall, I loved the atmosphere of the DFH. The staff was all incredibly friendly and it was informative experience. Though I’m not much of a beer drinker, the opportunity definitely opened my mind to the potential of trying more beer in the future.

    Lunch consisted of a turkey burger at the Dogfish Head Restaurant in Rehoboth. Which, if you’re in the area, is a really unique little dining establishment. 

    But, that was my day. It was pretty awesome. 

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  • Today at Dogfish Head

    Today at Dogfish Head

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  • Just four days ago I was wearing sundresses and shorts. Today it’s 35 degrees. And it snowed last night. What. The. Hell. Mother. Nature.

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    Sydney Corcoran poses at the finish line one year after she was injured in the Boston Marathon bombing. More here


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  • Celebrating Avdian getting a promotion with copious amounts of tequila, vodka, and prosecco. And yes, I’m already slightly tipsy.

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    broke bitch with expensive taste